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Leafcutter Bee Cocoon Conditioner


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  • Cell Breaker

  • Tumbler / Cleaner

  • Elevates finished product

  • No need for conveyor

  • Tumbler rotor can be turned off independently

  • Suction fan for debris/dust removal and discharge

  • Low maintenance

  • Will keep up with the fastest punching machines

  • Can be used to condition leafcutter bees as a stand alone operation or directly from a punching machine

  • Cell breaking action produces mostly single cells while remaining gentle and safe on the bees


1/3 h.p.  3450 RPM motor on a 9" blower

1/4 h.p. Gear Head Motor

340 CFM

Elevation from 26" to 40"

Overall Length 111"

Overall Width 21.5"

Operation Height 59"

Transportation Height 48"

Weight approximately 300 lbs

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